What your users are complaining about and what makes them happy?

In our previous post we’ve already discussed how Customer analysis of your app reviews may be useful to find out more information about users, competitors and to choose the best promotion channels or potential customers. In different app markets app rating and reviews are also the key indicators of whether your customers are satisfied or not, that significantly affects app rank. When the rating is showing a positive developers are pleased and the general perception is that things are well.
Happy mobile app developers

But what to do when the rating is volatile or even negative and you don’t have a good idea why?

How could you, for instance, quickly see what your users are complaining about or which feature in your app makes them so happy that they rate your app five star?

Usually getting the answers to this questions include an irresistible process of reading all the hundreds or even thousands of reviews posted during the last month. Developers know how it may be difficult to find the time and resources to make sense out of all the reviews, especially when there are a lot of them daily and you need to be able to react quickly.


In order to help app developers to analyze their app reviews MetricsCat is starting to provide its users with monthly Sentiment Analysis Report for the followed apps.

In sentiment analysis MetricsCat categorizes the text comment into relevant categories and determine the sentiment for each category.

Let’s see what Monthly Sentiment analysis report includes and how it is useful for app developers on an example of Drag Racing.

Categories bar charts

The Sentiment bar chart shows the top 20 topics based on volume and it’s sentiment analysis. It shows how much negative or positive reviews there are in this category. Bar chart app reviews analysisBar chart sentiment analysis

Topics sentiment comparison

The bubble chart shows the top 10 topics for each comparison item. It contains for each topic the name, total amount and average sentiment. New comparison report _Comparison item 1_Topicchart_2014_7_22 copy

Comparison tag cloud

The tag cloud displays keywords for all messages in a comparison item. It will also contain all the shown keywords with their respective amounts. Etuma 360 2014-07-12 19-06-59 2014-07-12 19-07-02

Sentiment analysis gives an idea of what drives an app rating. It saves time on reading all the app reviews and gives the concept of what users are satisfied with or not in the app.

As you can see on the screenshots above Drag Racing users are happy because of the app’s coolness, creativity and appearance (they write mostly positive reviews using this expressions). We can also notice that words like “ads”, “updates”, “freeze” and “pricing” are used mostly in negative reviews. That’s what disturb users in this app. Drag Racing developers should review the amount of the advertisement in their app and its pricing. It’s also advisable to look for reviews with words “updates” and “freeze” to understand better, what users are waiting for in the app updates.

Sentiment analysis will soon be available for Publishers in monthly reports.

Want to see how Sentiment Analysis can be useful for you? Contact us, and we will show you what your users are happy and complaining about.