Top 5 Halloween apps 2013 for iPhone, iPad and Android

Hi everyone, whoooo 🙂

It’s Halloween, and here at MetricsCat we’re already celebrating.

Have you already carved your pumpkins? Took spooky pics of your friends with Ghost Camera? Bought your Halloween costume?

By the way, there’s apps for all that. And games. So much fun! So, let’s dive in. What are the best apps for Halloween 2013 based on user app reviews?

Top 3 best Halloween apps for iPhone and iPad

Eden to GreenFarm Story 2 HalloweenPhotoCrash Fright

1. Eden to Green – a free 3D tower defense game by Zynga, with botanical setting and a lot of Halloween specials. Has more than 1376 reviews in Apple App Store! What people say:

Very good game – Beautiful graphic. Very good game. Fun.

2. Farm Story 2 Halloween – a classical farm game, very addicting and nice. More than 1000 positive reviews in the App Store:

Halloween version – I love the pumpkins and fall decor.

3. PhotoCrash Fright – a Halloween photo collage creator, with a lot of spooky and Halloween themed stickers. Paid app, but only $2.99 (and there’s a Lite version available for FREE)! User reviews speak for themselves:

A Virtual Horror Library! 

So many scary & creepy images in this app. Just like the first Photocrash, I keep coming back and finding something new every time. Perfect for people who don’t want to wait around for an alien invasion or a corpse to finish rotting. Three thumbs up in honor of mutants!

Top 3 best Halloween apps for Android

Bubble Blast Halloween X City 2 Halloween Gun Zombie Halloween Halloween Live Wallpaper

1. Bubble Blast Halloween – a free match-3-like puzzle game with cool Halloween setting, effects and blasts! Also available for iOS! To sum up:

Excellent and addictive fun 

I very much enjoy playing this game and only have 1 complaint and that is its too hard to put down.

2. X City Halloween – a free citybuilder game for Android, full of Halloween specials and stuff. Pumpkins everywhere! And people note it’s:

Best city game on internet Superb I love this game

3. Gun Zombie Halloween – for those who starve for a zombie kill! A great shooter game with Halloween setting. Lots of blood, Halloween-themed enemies and bosses. Also available for iPhone/iPad.
Great shooter experience for relaxation, what users think:
Superb Shooter!! 

Best shooter/zombie game I’ve found in play store. I love the Halloween theme too!!
That’s the Top 3, but I can’t help not to add another one: Halloween Live Wallpaper!
Of course we love these things, draining battery but giving us so much fun! And it’s absolutely FREE.

Amezing this so scary for halloween
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Top of the month: 5 most reviewed and rated apps in August

The summer is over, days are becoming shorter, but we at MetricsCat still remember the hot August. Let’s look at the Top reviewed and rated apps of the month.

So, who was working hard during summer to reach the app store top?

An absolute winner in our chart of the most reviewed apps on the AppStore over the past four months remains the app Candy Crash Saga with over 70k reviews in August and we must say “Well done, guys!” to its developers, Limited.

The other 4 most reviewed apps on AppStore are:

But if you look at the apps with highest rating, you won’t find any of them.

The highest rating in August got:

  1. The Tribez HD – a great citybuilder by Game Insight.
  2. … for Kakao – Koreans love their game makers
  3. Injustice: Gods Among Us – a cool looking fighting game
  4. The Simpsons™: Tapped Out – a famous citybuilder with DONUTS
  5. iHeartRadio – Free Music & Radio Stations – finally at least not a game, but a radio app here

Let’s see which apps were popular on Google Play!

Here top reviewed and top rated apps are absolutely different as well!

Top reviewed:

Top rated:

Twitter and Facebook are no surprise to see here, while Prehistoric Park Builder and Star Girl are definitely nice new apps that made it in August.

As you can see games and social media apps were extremely popular in August.

This is a trend for a long time already, and seems like will stay for a long time: people spend most of their time on mobile playing games and networking in social media.

Stay tuned with our blog, keep track of your app new reviews and reach the Top in Stores with us!

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