Top 5 Halloween apps 2013 for iPhone, iPad and Android

Hi everyone, whoooo ūüôā

It’s Halloween, and here at MetricsCat we’re already celebrating.

Have you already carved your pumpkins? Took spooky pics of your friends with Ghost Camera? Bought your Halloween costume?

By the way, there’s apps for all that. And games. So much fun! So, let’s dive in.¬†What are the best apps for Halloween 2013 based on user app reviews?

Top 3 best Halloween apps for iPhone and iPad

Eden to GreenFarm Story 2 HalloweenPhotoCrash Fright

1. Eden to Green Рa free 3D tower defense game by Zynga, with botanical setting and a lot of Halloween specials. Has more than 1376 reviews in Apple App Store! What people say:

Very good game –¬†Beautiful graphic. Very good game. Fun.

2. Farm Story 2 Halloween Рa classical farm game, very addicting and nice. More than 1000 positive reviews in the App Store:

Halloween version –¬†I love the pumpkins and fall decor.

3.¬†PhotoCrash Fright – a Halloween photo collage creator, with a lot of spooky and Halloween themed stickers. Paid app, but only $2.99 (and there’s a Lite version available for FREE)! User reviews speak for themselves:

A Virtual Horror Library! 

So many scary & creepy images in this app. Just like the first Photocrash, I keep coming back and finding something new every time. Perfect for people who don’t want to wait around for an alien invasion or a corpse to finish rotting. Three thumbs up in honor of mutants!

Top 3 best Halloween apps for Android

Bubble Blast Halloween X City 2 Halloween Gun Zombie Halloween Halloween Live Wallpaper

1. Bubble Blast Halloween Рa free match-3-like puzzle game with cool Halloween setting, effects and blasts! Also available for iOS! To sum up:

Excellent and addictive fun 

I very much enjoy playing this game and only have 1 complaint and that is its too hard to put down.

2.¬†X City Halloween¬†–¬†a free citybuilder game for Android, full of Halloween specials and stuff. Pumpkins everywhere! And people note it’s:

Best city game on internet Superb I love this game

3. Gun Zombie Halloween Рfor those who starve for a zombie kill! A great shooter game with Halloween setting. Lots of blood, Halloween-themed enemies and bosses. Also available for iPhone/iPad.
Great shooter experience for relaxation, what users think:
Superb Shooter!! 

Best shooter/zombie game I’ve found in play store. I love the Halloween theme too!!
That’s the Top 3, but I can’t help not to add another one: Halloween Live Wallpaper!
Of course we love these things, draining battery but giving us so much fun! And it’s absolutely FREE.

Amezing this so scary for halloween
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We post the best apps only, that have the biggest number of positive user reviews.
Did we miss a nice app? Let us know!
p.s. Love games with spooky setting for mobile? Support Fright Fight on Kickstarter – a first online fighting multiplayer in fantasy horror setting!

1 500 000 apps on MetricsCat

1 500 000 apps on MetricsCat

Last week Apple App Store was celebrating its 5th birthday. We have something to celebrate as well: we added more than 1 500 000 apps to our MetricsCat database. To do that we spent about 3 month of hard work!

1 500 000 apps include apps from Apple App Store and Google Play. It means we have info on 98% of all apps in Apple App Store and Google Play. (Do you want to know how many apps are there at all? Read our blog post.)

We add about 3000 new apps to MetricsCat from Google Play and about 1000 new apps from Apple Appstore every day.

Would you like to see more apps from Amazon Appstore, Windows Marketplace, Blackberry World or maybe Getjar? Let us know.

With that many apps it’s a big challenge for us to help you find the apps you’re looking for specifically. Try out the search on our service now: type in any app name, company name or app type (e.g. alphabet games) and discover more great apps.

p.s. Here’s some nice infographics with key numbers from Apple shared on its 5-year anniversary. Find out how many devices, apps and downloads Apple Appstore has.

Most reviewed apps on Apple App Store in May 2013

Have you ever wondered what apps other people review most?

Apple App Store ranking is great but it does not provide this information. Well, we at MetricsCat Mobile Analytics know the number of reviews for any moment and also ratings. Today we introduce MetricsCat AppStats: monthly tops for the iOS App Store and Google Play are now available on our website:

Games are most downloaded and reviewed category on the App Store. Data from MetrisCat shows that out of 50 most reviewed apps 36 are games. Candy Crush Saga, the most downloaded game in May 2013, also tops the review chart with 57 893 reviews added during a month. In total the game has already 674 688 reviews.


What is surprising is that Candy Crush Saga from was rated only with 2.94 stars in May while in March the average rating given by 49 560 reviewers was 4.67. The reason? Read here what reviewers say about the game (bad emotions filter is used).

You can sort Top 50 by ratings or by the number of reviews written in the given month. Here is the iOS App Store Top sorted by ratings:

top10_apps in Appstore in May2013_624

Besides games Instagram, Gmail and Tumblr apps made it to Top 10 highest rated & most reviewed apps in the iOS App Store. Other non-game apps in Top 50 are Spotify, Facebook Messenger, Vine, Twitter, eBay, Kik Messenger, Facebook, Calorie Counter, Path, Whatsapp Messenger and Viber.

Source: MetricsCat AppStats 

How many apps are in major app stores?

MetricsCat has compiled information about the number of apps in 4 main app stores. We estimate that Google Play and Apple App Store both have around 900 000 apps currently. In January Sociable predicted Google Play will hit one million apps already in June. Find the latest officially announced numbers below:

  1. Apple App Store              800 000 apps (January 28, 2013)
  2. Google Play                 > 700 000 apps (March 6, 2013) *
  3. Windows Phone Store   145 000 apps (May 10, 2013)
  4. Blackberry World           100 000 apps (March 21, 2013)

* Google announced reaching 700 000 Android apps in October 2012.

Considering the large number of apps it seems obvious that all of those app stores should satisfy users. After all an average user downloads into her phone about 80 apps. However, the question is if most popular apps that largely constitute that ‚Äú80 apps‚ÄĚ are available in all app stores. The answer is that some top apps such as Instagram are still not available on other platforms than iOS and Android. Windows Phone Store and Blackberry World are growing but it remains to be seen if they can attract new cool apps to their platform.

Users care about the quality of apps. It is fair to say that Android Market/Google Play has been less strict with quality standards than Apple. Reviews by other users have been one way for users to assess the quality of apps. Google is raising the bar now, it removed 60 000 low quality Android apps from Google Play in February 2013.

Android apps are available in many other stores such as Amazon Appstore, GetJar, Baidu App Store, Yandex.Store, Opera Mobile App Store, Slide ME, F-Droid, App Brain, Handango, and Mobango. According to App Annie Amazon Appstore boasts already 75 000 Android apps and continues fast growth of downloads in 2013.