Reviews Timeline that makes you purr

Have you ever wondered how and when people start reviewing your app more?

Does the review number correlate with new updates or marketing campaigns? What reviews prevail – good or bad? When has your app suddenly started to get bad reviews?

All these questions and many more can be answered by Reviews Timeline at MetricsCat–  a mobile app reviews analytics tool that makes you purr.

Let’s review this feature by example of Real Racing 3, one of the most popular racing games on Apple App Store.

First we observe the Reviews view, it’s the default one. It gives you an understanding of how the number of reviews has changed over time. Very simple, but very informative as well:

All Reviews on MetricsCat Reviews Timeline

The number of reviews peaked on April, 13 when the app got 599 reviews. That’s a lot!

Peak number of reviews for Real Racing 3 on Reviews Timeline

But let’s see the recent app performance.

Has the app been reviewed positively or negatively in the recent weeks?

Let’s select the recent dates to zoom in the chart and enable “Good Reviews” and “Bad Reviews” on the button panel to see the comparison of good and bad reviews between June24 and July 6:

Good and Bad reviews number on Reviews Timeline

Note that the number of bad reviews exceeds the number of good ones after July 2.

Why did people start to react negatively?

Bad reviews for Real Racing 3 on Reviews Timeline

The answer can be seen below: let’s scroll down and read the reviews from July, 3:

Users complaints about Real Racing 3 on MetricsCat

The users are definitely confused by the app update that happened on July2. They started complaining about the new progression system that makes them spend even more money.

This is sad to hear, but Electronic Arts, the publisher of Real Racing 3, has a solid reputation of a money-maker in game development indeed. 148apps calculated that you have to spend either 500 hours of gameplay time or 500$ to progress through Real Racing 3. Now, after app update, it seems to be even more…

On the other side, app developers have to make money somehow. Sometimes they introduce money sinks as a result. However, this is quite a risky decision to make when your app is already published and popular. Trying to get more money out of less users is a strategy that results in a lot of negative reviews.

People are complaining about in-app purchases in games very often. “It’s hard to grind in-game currency” is one of the most popular reviews for a lot of games.But if the game is unique and fun, the reviews can be still quite positive. One of the leaders of the top grossing chart in Apple App Store, Clash of Clans, was able to find this balance, between user satisfaction and monetization. But this is a subject of a separate blog post.

Watch your app’s Reviews Timeline on MetricsCat and keep purring!