MetricsCat App Marketing Advice #1: If your app has no reviews.

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We’ll start with a short review of the most important things users usually take into consideration while choosing an app to download.

No reviews?

App with no reviews is an absolute shame for the developers.

Keep in mind that users do not trust apps with no reviews/no ratings.

User reviews is the first and most important thing that influences user decision to install an app:

App reviews

This infographics seems logical: which app you will trust more? The one with a great deal of bad reviews and 2-star rating or the one that has got few reviews but all the users are happy? Of course, you won’t download the first app. And the second seems quite attractive.

So, what do you do in case you have no reviews?

MetricsCat’s advice is simple: write the first couple of reviews by yourself and ask your teammates, friends and family to write some as well.

Having 5-6 reviews is good for a start and creates a positive feeling for the users.

Remember, that it may take some time for your review to appear in the Apple Appstore after you’ve written it. Be patient (:


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