Top 5 best To-do list apps for iPhone

One of the most popular app categories on Apple App Store is time management and productivity apps. Millions of people follow GTD advice or their own way of keeping track of routine daily and weekly tasks. There’re dozens of To-do list apps for iOS, which makes the choice very hard. How do you find the best one?

As you could see in our recent report Top reviewed apps don’t always get the highest rating. This is easily explained by the fact that people tend to leave negative reviews more often than positive ones. If everything’s okay why complain?

In our small research of to-do list apps we’ll take into account app reviews, ratings and reviews emotions.

Using our reviews timeline we’ve tracked and compared the number of good and bad reviews for similar apps and we’re glad to introduce the Top 5 Best To-do list Apps according to MetricsCat reviews analytics (and basically People’s choice!).

5th place. Clear

A revolutionary to-do list app with impressive gesture control. Clear is a really good name for what the app does. Won the hearts of many people who left more than 20K reviews for this small app, priced at $3.99.

AnderBart  says:

Innovative and… Clear 🙂

Very nice with intuitive interface and easy controls. It even has Easter eggs built in. Nicely done!

4th place. 30/30

Unusual App name, unusual user interface can’t fail to draw user attention. As a result: over 7K user reviews, 4+ rating, and the reviews are mostly positive. Users really like this free app and mention its intuitive interface and simplicity yet being extensive. Free and rated 4+, undoubtedly, it deserves the 4th place in our Top To-do list apps.

What  jwes41 thinks of 30/30:

GTD Make Way For RGTD

30/30 is elegant in its simplicity! So easy and intuitive to use. It’s not so much a replacement of other organizers, but a compliment. I especially love the ability to create and save multiple lists. I’ve got a daily review, a weekly review, a morning routine and an office routine. Finally, a super simple way to help us focus and RGTD (really get things done)!

3rd place. Awesome Note (+To-do/Calendar/Reminder)

An app awarded with Apple App Store Hall of Fame and Apple iTunes Rewind, just for $3,99. Basically it’s an All-in-One Life Organizer, very user friendly, simple, and allowing to sync tasks. Rated at 4+ with more than 40K reviews seems to be a really good To-do list app.

Some user opinions:

Beautiful App

This app is amazing. I am an to-do kind of person and this app has everything, and you can organize it the way that you like. It’s so amazing I wish I could give it more stars. All time favorite app.

By: Miamay16

2nd place. Wunderlist

This app is very well-known and provides an easy way to share and manage your daily to-do lists. Quite user-friendly in design, with nice reminders and possibility to sync tasks across all devices – these features make this free app nearly perfect. More than 47K users reviewed it and rated in average 4+. Sounds good!

What do people say?

Great functionality, easy to look at

Tracks tasks very well and I like the reminder function. Nice layout too.

By: Hathskellar

Life is now Easier!

Great task management app. I have been looking for a well designed ToDo app and for me, this is almost perfect. Needs more printing options, but for free this is a steal! My life is now so much easier with WUNDERLIST.

By: Ronnie Rhodes

1st place. 2Do: Tasks Done in Style

Our leader is an app with over 50K reviews, most of which are positive.

It’s got attractive design and offers a long list of features at $9,99. Also proving the fact that people are okay with paying for an app when it’s good.

Here’s what people say:

Wow! Best ToDo app available.

Background syncing is awesome! iCloud integration is a killer function. Simple and intuitive. You need options? This is the productivity app for you. I would fail without it. Choose this app!


Amazing App

There are many highly rated apps for managing tasks; however, none are even close in depth to this application. This is definitely the app for power users.

By: Ab0vo

Do you have your own list of best to-do apps? Feel free to share with us!

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