Top 3 Free Android Yoga Apps

We’re pretty keen on sports here at MetricsCat and I decided to collect the three best yoga apps for Android.

I’ve collected data about downloads, ratings and best user reviews from Google Play to help you find the best free yoga app.

My suggestion would be to try all of them, so that you can see what actually works best in your specific case.

Let’s get into the rating then!

An absolute winner in our “best yoga apps list” is Daily Yoga (All-in-one)

It has rating 4+ and 670 reviews, 532 of which are good ones. Over 30 external reviews help this yoga app to be trustworthy.

By the way, its developer, IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd has also a great number of released yoga apps and seems to be a real pro in yoga apps.

What are the best reviews?

“Good work, it helped lot to reduce my tummy.”

“This app is beyond expectation. I am so glad to have my first yoga session in my new flat before going to sleep. This app just calms you with beautiful music and relaxing sessions. Best one I found.”

Second place took Yoga for all

It’s rating is 4+, number of reviews is over 130 and the number of downloads is over 100 000. Not bad! You can also see how it got reviewed by external websites.

Over 80 users left 5-star reviews, here’s a couple:

“Excellent work developers. Please include more exercises and give better illustrations and photographs. Full screen photos and illustrations will make it much more useful. And finally correct the silly spelling mistakes. IMHO this is the only genuine yoga app on the play store. The others are all modified yoga apps.”

“I searched so many yoga apps, finally i found this. Strongly recommended for beginner.:-):-):-) thank you very much..”

Another one of the best 3 yoga apps is Stretch Exercises

This app has got over 100 reviews and 4+ rating. It was developed by the same company as the winner.

Let’s look at some good reviews for this yoga app:

“The best yoga apps on store very descriptive with supporting pics and tips. Helps you stay fit and active i wish if i could give it 10 stars”

“What better way to kill a little time & then bring it back to Life? Some great apps but THIS is one of the BEST – thanX ;)”

But how did these app developers managed to create great apps and how to create your own popular app? Want to get an answer? Stay tuned with our blog and soon we will share with you some really useful app promotion advice. Or contact us for deep analysis of your app performance in the market and advice on how to improve your downloads number, reviews count, etc.

App Promotion Advice #3: How to Get App Reviews on the Web.

In our recent blog post we have already noticed that mentions of your app and expert reviews influence the app downloads a lot.

Although this way to boost the app downloads is harder than when your app gets to the tops, but it’s much better than everything else as well.

So, your app is not in the tops. And the downloads number is low?

First, you should find out if your app was already reviewed. Maybe your app already has a lot of mentions on the web, but you don’t know how to find out?

Use MetricsCat’s Mentions: find your app, and see the Mentions block above the reviews list. You will see all links to your app from external websites. These include both app catalogs and expert reviews websites.

For example, here’s the list of external reviews for the app Stop Smoking:

Mentions of Stop Smoking _ MetricsCat - Google Chrome 2013-08-29 16.46.22

Okay, so you don’t have many mentions.

How to tell the world about your app?

The answer is: target app review websites and blogs and send a letter describing your app or a press release. Some of the blogs will review your app for free, others would require some money, often indirectly (e.g. for your app to be higher in the queue). If you choose to go for a paid review option, pay attention to the number of users on the website that will review your app. It may happen that you would pay a lot for a review but actually get only a couple of downloads.

An example of how to calculate how many downloads you’ll get: has 100 000 unique users per day.

Out of these 100 000 users 1% will see & read your app review.

Out of these who saw the post, 1% would convert into the app downloads.

So you will get:

100 000 * 0.01 * 0.01 = 10 downloads.

The conversion rate numbers may be much lower if you have a paid app. Also, the conversion rate depends on the target audience of the website.

  • Do the visitors have smartphones or tablets?
  • Is website audience similar to the target audience of your app?

Ask these questions to yourself when choosing a website to review your app.

So even if you have 10 downloads, and you pay say 200$ for the review, you would spend 20$ for 1 user acquisition.

Looks like too much? Indeed so, for apps that cost less than 20$ and for the apps that don’t sell enough subscriptions/in-app purchases to cover these 20$ expenses for a single user.

Want to know the best options for your app review bulk submission? And the best app review websites with the biggest userbase? Stay tuned for MetricsCat blog!


Your app analytics: Guide to setting up Google Analytics Mobile

A vast majority of mobile apps are published without any integrated app analytics frameworks and without their correct settings. It’s very sad because the app is not a website where you can easily set up Google Analytics in 10 minutes and collect statistics.

MetricsCat sees three main reasons to think about your mobile app analytics before its release:

Reason 1. You will never make a successful app from the first release. However you will need to analyze the behavior of real users.

Reason 2. It is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns without app analytics.

Reason 3. It’s hard to see which functions are used by your app users and which are not. App analytics helps to find UX problems.

MetricsCat team has prepared for you a set of iOS and Android app analytics tools and recommendations on how to configure them.

User behavior analytics

When talking about user behavior we mean the collection and display of such data as:

  • The number of daily active users (DAU);
  • User behavior (views of certain app screens, tapping butotns);
  • The frequency of app functions use;
  • Objectives (registration, purchase, …);
  • Retention rate.

Google Analytics is widely used for that on the web. And there is a great mobile version of Google Analytics. To start collecting your app analytics you need to add GA SDK for iOS and Android.

App Analytics

Guide to setting up Google Analytics Mobile

The rule of thumb is: app analytics should keep track of the each screen opening, each button tapping, interaction with elements on the screen, search queries.

To track button tapping and interactivity, use Events.

Call sendEvent in the item handlers that are interesting for us. Think about the parameters of the action you will need for app analytics: search query text, experience points player got in your game, etc. and pass them to the Label.

If your application has in-app purchases, don’t forget to track them as well in your app analytics. (Android, iOS)

Tracking in-app purchases helps to see whether or not your users are cheating with purchases. There’re ways to do that even on non-jailbroken devices, and if you see that in your app analytics people “buy” more than you see in the store listing stats, it is a signal to check the protection mechanism for your in-apps.

Google Analytics Mobile is powerful and free, all analysts know how to use it.

There’re some disadvantages still.

The app developers report GA is often mistaken in calculation of unique users, has bugs in data it tracks.

But the biggest problem is that Google Analytics Mobile can’t track the source of downloads for iOS, only for Android. And you cannot track your user acquisition campaign properly. It cancels all its merits, so many app analysts recommend using Flurry. Let’s talk about this great app analytics tool in our further articles.


App promotion advice #2: How to boost app downloads

Today we continue to give you some useful app promotion advice. Thank you for staying tuned with our blog! Recently we have talked about what to do if your app has no reviews and today MetricsCat will tell you how important the number of app downloads is and how to boost them.

How to boost app downloads.

App promotion success is very dependent on the number of downloads.

How do you boost them?

One of the simplest reasons no one is downloading your app is simply because no one knows about it.

There’re about 700 000 apps in Apple App Store for example, and it’s easy for your app to get lost.

How do people find out about apps? There’re several channels that lead people to install the app, including:

  • PR publications on app review websites
  • expert reviews
  • video reviews
  • user acquisition via ads
  • using social media
  • cross-promotion
  • and many more.

Furthermore it will contribute to the external link building of your site or page on App Store or Google Play and certainly improve your search engine rankings.

On MetricsCat it’s easy to keep track of your external reviews:

Export app reviews

Want to know how? Let’s discuss it in more details in our further articles.

This blog will help you to boost your app downloads and will tell you how MetricsCat can help you with your app promotion.

Stay tuned for MetricsCat App Marketing Strategy & Tactics!


3 best apps on MetricsCat in July: most reviewed and rated

It’s time to introduce you to the best, most reviewed and rated apps in July.

MetricsCat is a true believer that app reviews and ratings are the most important thing for app success.

So, let’s look at the most successful apps this month, both for Apple App Store and Google Play.

Just like in the previous month the most downloaded and reviewed apps on Apple App Store are Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfers.

No surprise, the leaders stay strong. And they’re accompanied by Clash of Clans, Hay Day (again, no surprise) and Kick the Boss 2 are also among the Top-5 reviewed apps on Apple App Store.

 As for Google Play three most popular apps among reviewers are talking “pets”:

Top apps

1st place – Talking Tom Cat 2 Free

2nd place – Talking Ginger

3rd place – Talking Ben the Dog Free

MetricsCats were in trend last month as you can see.

Twitch – a great app for all e-sport fans – and PayPal – an app for popular payments transfer service – followed the leaders in our tops.

It’s also interesting to notice that there is only one non-game app in Top 10 reviewed apps on Apple App Store – Gmail – email from Google. On Google Play in Top 10 reviewed apps you can also see Adobe Reader (9th place) and Paypal (5th place).

 As usual, the most reviewed apps don’t get the highest rating.

Let’s see the Top-5 best apps – apps which got the highest rating – on Apple App Store and Google Play.

See more apps in our Tops and check them out each month!

Found an interesting pattern in apps behavior? Share with us!

MetricsCat App Marketing Advice #1: If your app has no reviews.

We are running a series of blog posts with Mobile App Marketing Advice. So follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the fresh posts in time.

We’ll start with a short review of the most important things users usually take into consideration while choosing an app to download.

No reviews?

App with no reviews is an absolute shame for the developers.

Keep in mind that users do not trust apps with no reviews/no ratings.

User reviews is the first and most important thing that influences user decision to install an app:

App reviews

This infographics seems logical: which app you will trust more? The one with a great deal of bad reviews and 2-star rating or the one that has got few reviews but all the users are happy? Of course, you won’t download the first app. And the second seems quite attractive.

So, what do you do in case you have no reviews?

MetricsCat’s advice is simple: write the first couple of reviews by yourself and ask your teammates, friends and family to write some as well.

Having 5-6 reviews is good for a start and creates a positive feeling for the users.

Remember, that it may take some time for your review to appear in the Apple Appstore after you’ve written it. Be patient (:


MetricsCat: introducing new features

Every mobile app developer knows how important are their app reviews and they all appreciate the possibility to keep them all in one place, to analyze them easily and to be regularly informed about review updates. Thanks to MetricsCat it becomes much easier to analyze mobile app reviews.

MetricsCat team is working hard on steadily improving its features. Let’s see what updates have been made recently.

App reviews widget new design

Loving flat design? Good for you! MetricsCat app reviews widget is now designed in the flat UI trend.

mobile app reviews

New widget will certainly look better on most of the websites and attract more user attention to the app reviews.

best app

“MetricsCat recommends” badge

For those who can’t install apps reviews widget on their sites or blogs since it takes too much space, for example, MetricsCat will soon offer a special recommendation badge.

The badge is a nice way to show that your app is recommended by our service.

Interested? By default you won’t be able to install this badge on your website, but regular service users will get this opportunity.

Reviews export

app reviews exportWow, wow, wow! And the most important feature added to MetricsCat is the ability to export reviews. Imagine 5000 your last app reviews collected together in one csv file. Sounds good, huh? You can export the reviews from MetricsCat after you get registered. To see the Export button, you should follow an app first.

Seems like MetricsCat team did a really great job! So many great updates, well done! It’s also hard not to notice its new logo. And, of course, more great features and tools for developers are coming soon. MetricsCat aims to become #1 mobile app reviews analytics service, and hopefully that will happen soon.

Top 5 best To-do list apps for iPhone

One of the most popular app categories on Apple App Store is time management and productivity apps. Millions of people follow GTD advice or their own way of keeping track of routine daily and weekly tasks. There’re dozens of To-do list apps for iOS, which makes the choice very hard. How do you find the best one?

As you could see in our recent report Top reviewed apps don’t always get the highest rating. This is easily explained by the fact that people tend to leave negative reviews more often than positive ones. If everything’s okay why complain?

In our small research of to-do list apps we’ll take into account app reviews, ratings and reviews emotions.

Using our reviews timeline we’ve tracked and compared the number of good and bad reviews for similar apps and we’re glad to introduce the Top 5 Best To-do list Apps according to MetricsCat reviews analytics (and basically People’s choice!).

5th place. Clear

A revolutionary to-do list app with impressive gesture control. Clear is a really good name for what the app does. Won the hearts of many people who left more than 20K reviews for this small app, priced at $3.99.

AnderBart  says:

Innovative and… Clear 🙂

Very nice with intuitive interface and easy controls. It even has Easter eggs built in. Nicely done!

4th place. 30/30

Unusual App name, unusual user interface can’t fail to draw user attention. As a result: over 7K user reviews, 4+ rating, and the reviews are mostly positive. Users really like this free app and mention its intuitive interface and simplicity yet being extensive. Free and rated 4+, undoubtedly, it deserves the 4th place in our Top To-do list apps.

What  jwes41 thinks of 30/30:

GTD Make Way For RGTD

30/30 is elegant in its simplicity! So easy and intuitive to use. It’s not so much a replacement of other organizers, but a compliment. I especially love the ability to create and save multiple lists. I’ve got a daily review, a weekly review, a morning routine and an office routine. Finally, a super simple way to help us focus and RGTD (really get things done)!

3rd place. Awesome Note (+To-do/Calendar/Reminder)

An app awarded with Apple App Store Hall of Fame and Apple iTunes Rewind, just for $3,99. Basically it’s an All-in-One Life Organizer, very user friendly, simple, and allowing to sync tasks. Rated at 4+ with more than 40K reviews seems to be a really good To-do list app.

Some user opinions:

Beautiful App

This app is amazing. I am an to-do kind of person and this app has everything, and you can organize it the way that you like. It’s so amazing I wish I could give it more stars. All time favorite app.

By: Miamay16

2nd place. Wunderlist

This app is very well-known and provides an easy way to share and manage your daily to-do lists. Quite user-friendly in design, with nice reminders and possibility to sync tasks across all devices – these features make this free app nearly perfect. More than 47K users reviewed it and rated in average 4+. Sounds good!

What do people say?

Great functionality, easy to look at

Tracks tasks very well and I like the reminder function. Nice layout too.

By: Hathskellar

Life is now Easier!

Great task management app. I have been looking for a well designed ToDo app and for me, this is almost perfect. Needs more printing options, but for free this is a steal! My life is now so much easier with WUNDERLIST.

By: Ronnie Rhodes

1st place. 2Do: Tasks Done in Style

Our leader is an app with over 50K reviews, most of which are positive.

It’s got attractive design and offers a long list of features at $9,99. Also proving the fact that people are okay with paying for an app when it’s good.

Here’s what people say:

Wow! Best ToDo app available.

Background syncing is awesome! iCloud integration is a killer function. Simple and intuitive. You need options? This is the productivity app for you. I would fail without it. Choose this app!


Amazing App

There are many highly rated apps for managing tasks; however, none are even close in depth to this application. This is definitely the app for power users.

By: Ab0vo

Do you have your own list of best to-do apps? Feel free to share with us!

For those who enjoy having a list on their websites, we offer a widget with to-do list apps.

Want to make your own research of best to do apps?

Search To Do apps on MetricsCat and explore the ones you’ll find. Our reviews analytics tool should help you a lot!

1 500 000 apps on MetricsCat

1 500 000 apps on MetricsCat

Last week Apple App Store was celebrating its 5th birthday. We have something to celebrate as well: we added more than 1 500 000 apps to our MetricsCat database. To do that we spent about 3 month of hard work!

1 500 000 apps include apps from Apple App Store and Google Play. It means we have info on 98% of all apps in Apple App Store and Google Play. (Do you want to know how many apps are there at all? Read our blog post.)

We add about 3000 new apps to MetricsCat from Google Play and about 1000 new apps from Apple Appstore every day.

Would you like to see more apps from Amazon Appstore, Windows Marketplace, Blackberry World or maybe Getjar? Let us know.

With that many apps it’s a big challenge for us to help you find the apps you’re looking for specifically. Try out the search on our service now: type in any app name, company name or app type (e.g. alphabet games) and discover more great apps.

p.s. Here’s some nice infographics with key numbers from Apple shared on its 5-year anniversary. Find out how many devices, apps and downloads Apple Appstore has.

Reviews Timeline that makes you purr

Have you ever wondered how and when people start reviewing your app more?

Does the review number correlate with new updates or marketing campaigns? What reviews prevail – good or bad? When has your app suddenly started to get bad reviews?

All these questions and many more can be answered by Reviews Timeline at MetricsCat–  a mobile app reviews analytics tool that makes you purr.

Let’s review this feature by example of Real Racing 3, one of the most popular racing games on Apple App Store.

First we observe the Reviews view, it’s the default one. It gives you an understanding of how the number of reviews has changed over time. Very simple, but very informative as well:

All Reviews on MetricsCat Reviews Timeline

The number of reviews peaked on April, 13 when the app got 599 reviews. That’s a lot!

Peak number of reviews for Real Racing 3 on Reviews Timeline

But let’s see the recent app performance.

Has the app been reviewed positively or negatively in the recent weeks?

Let’s select the recent dates to zoom in the chart and enable “Good Reviews” and “Bad Reviews” on the button panel to see the comparison of good and bad reviews between June24 and July 6:

Good and Bad reviews number on Reviews Timeline

Note that the number of bad reviews exceeds the number of good ones after July 2.

Why did people start to react negatively?

Bad reviews for Real Racing 3 on Reviews Timeline

The answer can be seen below: let’s scroll down and read the reviews from July, 3:

Users complaints about Real Racing 3 on MetricsCat

The users are definitely confused by the app update that happened on July2. They started complaining about the new progression system that makes them spend even more money.

This is sad to hear, but Electronic Arts, the publisher of Real Racing 3, has a solid reputation of a money-maker in game development indeed. 148apps calculated that you have to spend either 500 hours of gameplay time or 500$ to progress through Real Racing 3. Now, after app update, it seems to be even more…

On the other side, app developers have to make money somehow. Sometimes they introduce money sinks as a result. However, this is quite a risky decision to make when your app is already published and popular. Trying to get more money out of less users is a strategy that results in a lot of negative reviews.

People are complaining about in-app purchases in games very often. “It’s hard to grind in-game currency” is one of the most popular reviews for a lot of games.But if the game is unique and fun, the reviews can be still quite positive. One of the leaders of the top grossing chart in Apple App Store, Clash of Clans, was able to find this balance, between user satisfaction and monetization. But this is a subject of a separate blog post.

Watch your app’s Reviews Timeline on MetricsCat and keep purring!