App Promotion Advice #6: On promotion agencies

So, to boost your app downloads you need to get a lot of user installs.

The more marketing activity you perform in a week after your app is released, the more chances you have to reach the Appstore tops, become featured and so on. Remember, that for Apple App Store if you’re not in the Top – your app is lost.

How do you maximize the number of your app downloads after the release? There’re companies that will help you to drive installs for your app.

One company that would help you with pushing app into the Top is ComboApp.

iPad, iPhone app Promotion _ iTunes App Store & Mac App Store Marketing service from ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency - Google Chrome 2013-09-13 15.25.12The pricing differs for an app and the exact position in the tops you’d like to get, but based on your preferences they will guarantee your app to appear in the Top 10, 25, 50 both for any category or general Top Free and they can do that basically for any App Store country.
Except for pushing into tops service, ComboApp offers a wide range of services for app promotion, including app store search optimization (ASO), PR push and so on.
Pricing information can be found here.

Among other promotion agencies that do great service for apps, we can name:
Appular – is a lean, mean, marketing machine. They help apps with PR, media buying and so on.

Appency is a young app promotion agency, but it shows good results. Established in 2009 as the first app specific full service marketing agency by mobile industry veterans, Appency has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 businesses to small independent developers with success. Except basically media buying and PR campaigns, they offer app store optimization services as well and help with marketing materials.

public relations budget - Google Search - Google Chrome 2013-09-13 15.33.47

If to give a ballpark estimation for the cost of a PR campaign for an app, for a 6-7 week PR activities around launch it starts around 8,000$ and can go up to 10,000$.

For longer term relationships of around 3 months and a few different campaigns it’s around $15,000. So it’s cheaper if you work with the company for a longer time.

How to perform PR on a budget? Consider hiring a freelancer. In in most cases he’ll be much more affordable and even much more effective. The reason is that PR agencies and their staff typically work on multiple accounts which means their time is spread out. Freelancers tend to be more focused and may give you better results.

Except for that, pay attention to success stories for PR of specific type of apps. Some agencies tend to work with games more, and have strong connections in TouchArcade or PocketGamer.