App Promotion Advice #5: On Timing. How many app downloads do you need to get into the tops?

There seems to be nothing hard in planning and organizing a PR campaign. You can totally do that by yourself. What, you need 50 bloggers to blog about your app? Just talk to them, huh?

But the problem is, that you will need to plan it in the way that as many blogs, portals and web resources would write about your app simultaneously.

Only when you get a big awareness boost in 1-3 days, you’re able to get an app downloads push that will lead you into the tops. And current App Stores are designed only for the apps in the tops to be successful.

So, how many app downloads do you need to get into the Top 10?

According to recent Distimo’s study your app need to have 23,000 app downloads per day to reach Top 50, and 72,000 app downloads to reach the Top 10.

For paid apps it’s all about both app downloads and app revenue.

So, your app must get 4,000 app downloads and earn $47,000 per day to enter Top 10 paid apps and rank 10 in the grossing charts. And around three times less is required to enter to Top 50 paid apps on App Store – nearly $12,000 per app daily.

The challenge is too stiff? Consider focusing on iPad-only apps. iPad app need nearly one-third of app downloads, required for iPhone app – only 8,200 per day. For paid apps aiming for the Top 50 iPad list, you also need to gross $10,200 per day.

The numbers are even more miserable at Google Play: your paid app needs only $6,600 per day for Top 50 status – it’s half the $12,000 raked in at Apple’s App Store.


Maybe, that competition is too high for you. If so, check out Amazon’s Appstore. It requires 9 times fewer to get into the Top 50 at Amazon than at App Store – only 2,500 app downloads per day.

Another Tip: On timing

Don’t try to break into the Top 10 during weekends, think of it as the App Store equivalent of the rush hour. Weekends mean a crush of competition as apps compete for a slice of a huge audience.


Instead, you may have better luck on Thursdays, which requires the fewest number of app downloads to rank on the App Store.

Soon we’ll tell you how to attract users to your app and how to increase the number of your app downloads. Stay tuned for series of MetricsCat App Promotion Advice articles!

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