App Promotion Advice #4. Step aside: on budgets

In our last App Promotion Advice we discussed how to get app reviews on the web.

Before we move on with app promotion advice, let’s talk about app development budgets.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Depends on how it goes, but MetricsCat can give you the following ballpark estimations for that: About as much as a car.


A nice infographics from Darwin Apps explains the idea better than any text:

Anyway, what’s there except app development budget?

Normally there is a marketing budget for an app. And you would spend it on all the things needed to attract attention to your app – PR campaign, buying installs, creating a video trailer, SMM campaign and so on.

How big should be the marketing budget for an app? It depends, but if an app costs as a car, marketing expenses are another car. At least another car.

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