App Promotion Advice #3: How to Get App Reviews on the Web.

In our recent blog post we have already noticed that mentions of your app and expert reviews influence the app downloads a lot.

Although this way to boost the app downloads is harder than when your app gets to the tops, but it’s much better than everything else as well.

So, your app is not in the tops. And the downloads number is low?

First, you should find out if your app was already reviewed. Maybe your app already has a lot of mentions on the web, but you don’t know how to find out?

Use MetricsCat’s Mentions: find your app, and see the Mentions block above the reviews list. You will see all links to your app from external websites. These include both app catalogs and expert reviews websites.

For example, here’s the list of external reviews for the app Stop Smoking:

Mentions of Stop Smoking _ MetricsCat - Google Chrome 2013-08-29 16.46.22

Okay, so you don’t have many mentions.

How to tell the world about your app?

The answer is: target app review websites and blogs and send a letter describing your app or a press release. Some of the blogs will review your app for free, others would require some money, often indirectly (e.g. for your app to be higher in the queue). If you choose to go for a paid review option, pay attention to the number of users on the website that will review your app. It may happen that you would pay a lot for a review but actually get only a couple of downloads.

An example of how to calculate how many downloads you’ll get: has 100 000 unique users per day.

Out of these 100 000 users 1% will see & read your app review.

Out of these who saw the post, 1% would convert into the app downloads.

So you will get:

100 000 * 0.01 * 0.01 = 10 downloads.

The conversion rate numbers may be much lower if you have a paid app. Also, the conversion rate depends on the target audience of the website.

  • Do the visitors have smartphones or tablets?
  • Is website audience similar to the target audience of your app?

Ask these questions to yourself when choosing a website to review your app.

So even if you have 10 downloads, and you pay say 200$ for the review, you would spend 20$ for 1 user acquisition.

Looks like too much? Indeed so, for apps that cost less than 20$ and for the apps that don’t sell enough subscriptions/in-app purchases to cover these 20$ expenses for a single user.

Want to know the best options for your app review bulk submission? And the best app review websites with the biggest userbase? Stay tuned for MetricsCat blog!