App promotion advice #2: How to boost app downloads

Today we continue to give you some useful app promotion advice. Thank you for staying tuned with our blog! Recently we have talked about what to do if your app has no reviews and today MetricsCat will tell you how important the number of app downloads is and how to boost them.

How to boost app downloads.

App promotion success is very dependent on the number of downloads.

How do you boost them?

One of the simplest reasons no one is downloading your app is simply because no one knows about it.

There’re about 700 000 apps in Apple App Store for example, and it’s easy for your app to get lost.

How do people find out about apps? There’re several channels that lead people to install the app, including:

  • PR publications on app review websites
  • expert reviews
  • video reviews
  • user acquisition via ads
  • using social media
  • cross-promotion
  • and many more.

Furthermore it will contribute to the external link building of your site or page on App Store or Google Play and certainly improve your search engine rankings.

On MetricsCat it’s easy to keep track of your external reviews:

Export app reviews

Want to know how? Let’s discuss it in more details in our further articles.

This blog will help you to boost your app downloads and will tell you how MetricsCat can help you with your app promotion.

Stay tuned for MetricsCat App Marketing Strategy & Tactics!


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