Startup Wise Guys participation experience

We’ve recently arrived in Tallinn to participate Startup Wise Guys accelerator and are glad to share our experience with you. Let’s start with the very beginning of MetricsCat story.

Experience with participation in Garage48

We participated Garage48 several times and each time we got ready for the hackathon: we already had the team, we clearly knew what we were going to develop and why and we had the domain name bought previously. So we never spent time on such things and were focused mainly on the product development. Participating Garage48 is also a great opportunity to start working as a team with new people and find out more about them as team members.


About ChangeAgain.Me

There is one more project, that one of MetricsCat cofounders advise and that is also participating in the Startup Wise Guys acceleration program – ChangeAgain.Me. ChangeAgain is a simple A/B testing tool that deeply integrated with Google Analytics. It helps to increase the conversion of a web site, even a marketer without any knowledge of how to change the code, can transform the website, and start the experiment in minutes.  The complete integration with Google Analytics allows to import goals from GA, create goals using visual editor, and track the results without any additional analytic services using familiar interface.

The project is currently collecting data and doing Customer Development Interview with businesses. So if you have an experience in a/b testing and would like to share it with a young project – fill free to email ChangeAgain team.

The road to Startup Wise Guys acceleration program

After winning Garage 48 we went to Tallinn for the first time. From that time we started doing Customer Development actively. We talked to great companies who were interested in our service like Twitter and, then we go to Helsinki where we got problem interviews with guys from Rovio, Superсell, Grand Cru and many others. Thanks for that At one conference we met guys from Startup Wise Guys 🙂 and in early June we applied to the Startup Wise Guys accelerator. After several rounds we were successfully invited to stay at the accelerator for 4 month from August till November.

What is accelerator like? It offers you free workspace at a coworking in the heart of Estonia – Tallinn where you meet from 5 to 20 or even more new mentors daily. They are investors, businessmen, successful startupers and other great and experienced guys. All day long you pitch them your startup idea, they give you advice, feedback and what’s the most important they are open to share their business contacts with you, then you work on your product applying their advice and go pitching your idea to new mentors the next day. It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of new guys and reach a great number of useful business contacts from all over the world..

Our MetricsCat send you “Hi!” from Estonia and wish you participate everywhere, meet new people and communicate with your customers.

P.S.: If you decided to let us have a problem interview with you or be an early adapter of our service with personal support – feel free to contact us.