Top of the month: 5 most reviewed and rated apps in August

The summer is over, days are becoming shorter, but we at MetricsCat still remember the hot August. Let’s look at the Top reviewed and rated apps of the month.

So, who was working hard during summer to reach the app store top?

An absolute winner in our chart of the most reviewed apps on the AppStore over the past four months remains the app Candy Crash Saga with over 70k reviews in August and we must say “Well done, guys!” to its developers, Limited.

The other 4 most reviewed apps on AppStore are:

But if you look at the apps with highest rating, you won’t find any of them.

The highest rating in August got:

  1. The Tribez HD – a great citybuilder by Game Insight.
  2. … for Kakao – Koreans love their game makers
  3. Injustice: Gods Among Us – a cool looking fighting game
  4. The Simpsons™: Tapped Out – a famous citybuilder with DONUTS
  5. iHeartRadio – Free Music & Radio Stations – finally at least not a game, but a radio app here

Let’s see which apps were popular on Google Play!

Here top reviewed and top rated apps are absolutely different as well!

Top reviewed:

Top rated:

Twitter and Facebook are no surprise to see here, while Prehistoric Park Builder and Star Girl are definitely nice new apps that made it in August.

As you can see games and social media apps were extremely popular in August.

This is a trend for a long time already, and seems like will stay for a long time: people spend most of their time on mobile playing games and networking in social media.

Stay tuned with our blog, keep track of your app new reviews and reach the Top in Stores with us!

We are writing in our blog about ways of boosting app downloads, app budgets, getting app reviews on the web and give other useful advice on how to promote your app and reach app store top.


App Promotion Advice #6: On promotion agencies

So, to boost your app downloads you need to get a lot of user installs.

The more marketing activity you perform in a week after your app is released, the more chances you have to reach the Appstore tops, become featured and so on. Remember, that for Apple App Store if you’re not in the Top – your app is lost.

How do you maximize the number of your app downloads after the release? There’re companies that will help you to drive installs for your app.

One company that would help you with pushing app into the Top is ComboApp.

iPad, iPhone app Promotion _ iTunes App Store & Mac App Store Marketing service from ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency - Google Chrome 2013-09-13 15.25.12The pricing differs for an app and the exact position in the tops you’d like to get, but based on your preferences they will guarantee your app to appear in the Top 10, 25, 50 both for any category or general Top Free and they can do that basically for any App Store country.
Except for pushing into tops service, ComboApp offers a wide range of services for app promotion, including app store search optimization (ASO), PR push and so on.
Pricing information can be found here.

Among other promotion agencies that do great service for apps, we can name:
Appular – is a lean, mean, marketing machine. They help apps with PR, media buying and so on.

Appency is a young app promotion agency, but it shows good results. Established in 2009 as the first app specific full service marketing agency by mobile industry veterans, Appency has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 businesses to small independent developers with success. Except basically media buying and PR campaigns, they offer app store optimization services as well and help with marketing materials.

public relations budget - Google Search - Google Chrome 2013-09-13 15.33.47

If to give a ballpark estimation for the cost of a PR campaign for an app, for a 6-7 week PR activities around launch it starts around 8,000$ and can go up to 10,000$.

For longer term relationships of around 3 months and a few different campaigns it’s around $15,000. So it’s cheaper if you work with the company for a longer time.

How to perform PR on a budget? Consider hiring a freelancer. In in most cases he’ll be much more affordable and even much more effective. The reason is that PR agencies and their staff typically work on multiple accounts which means their time is spread out. Freelancers tend to be more focused and may give you better results.

Except for that, pay attention to success stories for PR of specific type of apps. Some agencies tend to work with games more, and have strong connections in TouchArcade or PocketGamer.


App Promotion Advice #5: On Timing. How many app downloads do you need to get into the tops?

There seems to be nothing hard in planning and organizing a PR campaign. You can totally do that by yourself. What, you need 50 bloggers to blog about your app? Just talk to them, huh?

But the problem is, that you will need to plan it in the way that as many blogs, portals and web resources would write about your app simultaneously.

Only when you get a big awareness boost in 1-3 days, you’re able to get an app downloads push that will lead you into the tops. And current App Stores are designed only for the apps in the tops to be successful.

So, how many app downloads do you need to get into the Top 10?

According to recent Distimo’s study your app need to have 23,000 app downloads per day to reach Top 50, and 72,000 app downloads to reach the Top 10.

For paid apps it’s all about both app downloads and app revenue.

So, your app must get 4,000 app downloads and earn $47,000 per day to enter Top 10 paid apps and rank 10 in the grossing charts. And around three times less is required to enter to Top 50 paid apps on App Store – nearly $12,000 per app daily.

The challenge is too stiff? Consider focusing on iPad-only apps. iPad app need nearly one-third of app downloads, required for iPhone app – only 8,200 per day. For paid apps aiming for the Top 50 iPad list, you also need to gross $10,200 per day.

The numbers are even more miserable at Google Play: your paid app needs only $6,600 per day for Top 50 status – it’s half the $12,000 raked in at Apple’s App Store.


Maybe, that competition is too high for you. If so, check out Amazon’s Appstore. It requires 9 times fewer to get into the Top 50 at Amazon than at App Store – only 2,500 app downloads per day.

Another Tip: On timing

Don’t try to break into the Top 10 during weekends, think of it as the App Store equivalent of the rush hour. Weekends mean a crush of competition as apps compete for a slice of a huge audience.


Instead, you may have better luck on Thursdays, which requires the fewest number of app downloads to rank on the App Store.

Soon we’ll tell you how to attract users to your app and how to increase the number of your app downloads. Stay tuned for series of MetricsCat App Promotion Advice articles!

In our previous articles we’ve already discussed:

Have a nice week and don’t miss anything! 🙂

App Promotion Advice #4. Step aside: on budgets

In our last App Promotion Advice we discussed how to get app reviews on the web.

Before we move on with app promotion advice, let’s talk about app development budgets.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Depends on how it goes, but MetricsCat can give you the following ballpark estimations for that: About as much as a car.


A nice infographics from Darwin Apps explains the idea better than any text:

Anyway, what’s there except app development budget?

Normally there is a marketing budget for an app. And you would spend it on all the things needed to attract attention to your app – PR campaign, buying installs, creating a video trailer, SMM campaign and so on.

How big should be the marketing budget for an app? It depends, but if an app costs as a car, marketing expenses are another car. At least another car.

Read other App Promotion Advice:

Or stay tuned for our blog to get even more advice!


Top 3 Free Android Yoga Apps

We’re pretty keen on sports here at MetricsCat and I decided to collect the three best yoga apps for Android.

I’ve collected data about downloads, ratings and best user reviews from Google Play to help you find the best free yoga app.

My suggestion would be to try all of them, so that you can see what actually works best in your specific case.

Let’s get into the rating then!

An absolute winner in our “best yoga apps list” is Daily Yoga (All-in-one)

It has rating 4+ and 670 reviews, 532 of which are good ones. Over 30 external reviews help this yoga app to be trustworthy.

By the way, its developer, IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd has also a great number of released yoga apps and seems to be a real pro in yoga apps.

What are the best reviews?

“Good work, it helped lot to reduce my tummy.”

“This app is beyond expectation. I am so glad to have my first yoga session in my new flat before going to sleep. This app just calms you with beautiful music and relaxing sessions. Best one I found.”

Second place took Yoga for all

It’s rating is 4+, number of reviews is over 130 and the number of downloads is over 100 000. Not bad! You can also see how it got reviewed by external websites.

Over 80 users left 5-star reviews, here’s a couple:

“Excellent work developers. Please include more exercises and give better illustrations and photographs. Full screen photos and illustrations will make it much more useful. And finally correct the silly spelling mistakes. IMHO this is the only genuine yoga app on the play store. The others are all modified yoga apps.”

“I searched so many yoga apps, finally i found this. Strongly recommended for beginner.:-):-):-) thank you very much..”

Another one of the best 3 yoga apps is Stretch Exercises

This app has got over 100 reviews and 4+ rating. It was developed by the same company as the winner.

Let’s look at some good reviews for this yoga app:

“The best yoga apps on store very descriptive with supporting pics and tips. Helps you stay fit and active i wish if i could give it 10 stars”

“What better way to kill a little time & then bring it back to Life? Some great apps but THIS is one of the BEST – thanX ;)”

But how did these app developers managed to create great apps and how to create your own popular app? Want to get an answer? Stay tuned with our blog and soon we will share with you some really useful app promotion advice. Or contact us for deep analysis of your app performance in the market and advice on how to improve your downloads number, reviews count, etc.