Top 3 Free Android Yoga Apps

We’re pretty keen on sports here at MetricsCat and I decided to collect the three best yoga apps for Android.

I’ve collected data about downloads, ratings and best user reviews from Google Play to help you find the best free yoga app.

My suggestion would be to try all of them, so that you can see what actually works best in your specific case.

Let’s get into the rating then!

An absolute winner in our “best yoga apps list” is Daily Yoga (All-in-one)

It has rating 4+ and 670 reviews, 532 of which are good ones. Over 30 external reviews help this yoga app to be trustworthy.

By the way, its developer, IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd has also a great number of released yoga apps and seems to be a real pro in yoga apps.

What are the best reviews?

“Good work, it helped lot to reduce my tummy.”

“This app is beyond expectation. I am so glad to have my first yoga session in my new flat before going to sleep. This app just calms you with beautiful music and relaxing sessions. Best one I found.”

Second place took Yoga for all

It’s rating is 4+, number of reviews is over 130 and the number of downloads is over 100 000. Not bad! You can also see how it got reviewed by external websites.

Over 80 users left 5-star reviews, here’s a couple:

“Excellent work developers. Please include more exercises and give better illustrations and photographs. Full screen photos and illustrations will make it much more useful. And finally correct the silly spelling mistakes. IMHO this is the only genuine yoga app on the play store. The others are all modified yoga apps.”

“I searched so many yoga apps, finally i found this. Strongly recommended for beginner.:-):-):-) thank you very much..”

Another one of the best 3 yoga apps is Stretch Exercises

This app has got over 100 reviews and 4+ rating. It was developed by the same company as the winner.

Let’s look at some good reviews for this yoga app:

“The best yoga apps on store very descriptive with supporting pics and tips. Helps you stay fit and active i wish if i could give it 10 stars”

“What better way to kill a little time & then bring it back to Life? Some great apps but THIS is one of the BEST – thanX ;)”

But how did these app developers managed to create great apps and how to create your own popular app? Want to get an answer? Stay tuned with our blog and soon we will share with you some really useful app promotion advice. Or contact us for deep analysis of your app performance in the market and advice on how to improve your downloads number, reviews count, etc.